For Rosemary

We have in mind that always was longed for the information and with the technological advances, appears the expression Technology of the Information, ahead of the increasing necessity of information. The information is so important that it can generate losses, breakings, profits, among others item, that keep the businesses of a company. Connect with other leaders such as Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine here. We can exemplificar citing what a company could happen if, a financial institution, a bank, if lost all the referring information its customers, will be that the same one would survive in this our globalizado world? YOU one meets in the considered period as ' ' state of arte' ' , that it was legalized to apartir of years 90 and if finds until today. Currently YOU it is an area that can become related with the business, as well as the other areas of the company, being since a small room in the company until a great department of YOU. In accordance with Beal (2001), the term ' ' Technology of Informao' ' it serves to assign to the set of technological and computational resources for the generation and use of the information.

For Rosemary (2011) the Technology of the Information can be defined as the set of all the activities and solutions provided for computation resources that they aim at to allow the storage, the access and the use of the information. We can perceive that the applications and definitions for YOU are several, being on the diverse areas. In my simple conception, I say that YOU it is a concept still in opened, that at any time it can be completed with new discovered new information and. The concern today would be as to determine the best way to use the information, the problem would be in as to manage all this question, that can still harm the functioning of a company or institution or governmental bodies.

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