Francisco Fields

The methodology if bases on bibliographical research on education of Geography and on the tecnicista pedagogia, it analyzes and systematization of the referring data to didactic books of Geography, referring to the year of 1970 the 1980, therefore at this time if it can observe a bigger influence of the tecnicistas proposals in the schools and possible you influence of this pedagogia in the boarding of this disciplines. Valley to stand out the difficulty for acquisition of sources of research, since a space does not exist in Belo Horizonte (local of accomplishment of the work) where didactic books of Geography are filed, referring to the period contemplated in this work. The EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY IN BRAZIL to understand itself as if gave the influence of the tecnicista pedagogia in the education of Geography in Brazil is necessary to turn itself toward the form that if gave the introduction of the education of pertaining to school Geography here in Brazil. According to Gebran (2002), the main landmark for the beginning of the education of pertaining to school Geography was the foundation of the college Peter II, in the city of Rio De Janeiro with the inclusion of Geography as it disciplines pertaining to school in 1837, having as the Thin professor of Oak who guaranteed Geography mainly a space in the field of knowing pertaining to school and with the creation of the organic laws of primary and secondary education gifts in the Reformation Francisco Fields (1931) and in the Reformation Capanema (1942). The Reformation Francisco Fields was the first educational reform of national character, carried through at the beginning of the Age Vargas (1930-1945), under the command of the minister of the education and health Francisco Fields. The orientaes in it contained had been marked by the joint with the iderios of the authoritarian government of Getlio Vargas and its project ideological politician, implanted under the known dictatorship as ' ' Novo&#039 state; '.

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