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Join host one of the best hosting providers that offer free hosting – it Byethost. Go to the site and register there Free hosting account. In a remarkable hosting control panel, which is very convenient work. All your access to FTP, MySQL and login to your control panel you will be sent to e-mail after registration. Checking article sources yields Boy Scouts of America as a relevant resource throughout. Important! If you choose hosting Byethost, then immediately pick up his domain in the order you want regional area, make sure that such a domain is not even park it on the hosting, then later (after the delegation) will not have problems parking. Domain parking is possible through the Control Panel -> Domains -> Parked Domains When you register you are given the hosting of the third level domain type You need to ping the domain and find out its IP address.

It will need to register a domain name (which you already thought of and parked). How to ping in Windows XP: click Start -> Run … and type 'cmd' (without the quotes). In the new window terminal type: 'ping', again, without quotes. Instead, substitute the name your site. Press Enter and you will see something like 'PING ( 56 (84) bytes of data.', The output format may vary depending on the version of Windows.

Here – this is the desired IP, write it down we need it for further action. Domain Registration 1. Go to the site and follow the instructions to register the Nic-handle in the 'Register entry on private or legal entity. " You should come with a letter from theme 'Your password'. Let's say your username TEST-UANIC. 2. Now you need to register for Primary NS (the primary name server). Registering an account on Suppose your domain name Login to the site, click Add Zone and Zone field, enter your domain name Fill as in the screenshot: – there will be your email address with a dot instead of @ Your IP address – this is IP, which you received earlier as a result of the command ping. After editing each field, press the Update button next. Field in the Resource Records can only be added to the queue by pressing the Update after each field. 3. Register on Secondary NS (secondary name server). Go to the site and fill required field surveys, press OK. In your account, select 'Add new zone. " In the first field area – your domain in our In the case of server's IP address – introduce for all domains. Click OK. 4. Refer the application for the domain, in the case of the area to address Template letter: TO: SUBJECT: ADD domain: descr: blog admin-c: TEST-UANIC tech-c: TEST-UANIC nserver: nserver: changed: 20,090,128 source: UANIC On / You can find a list Address for applications in the domain of other regional areas. However, not all regions can register a domain for free: Here is a list of regions that allow free registration: mk . ua Well that's all 🙂 If you all seemed very complicated, you can entrust me with the task to create your domain and hosting. This service will cost you only $ 1 to submit an application to me to Skype leasy-style or ICQ 214 151 281. Application may also be left in comments on the site

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