“Hans Holbein the elder: offering in the temple the painting by Hans Holbein the elder (c. 1465 Augsburg-1524 Basle or Isenheim) with the title of the presentation of Christ in the Temple” (1500) has a change in its lineup of an altarpiece in the Dominican Church of Frankfurt and a work of art at the Hamburger Kunsthalle seen. It was built 1500 d. a. for the high altar of the Dominican Church in Frankfurt am main by Hans Holbein as a work in tempera and oil on Beechwood in 167 x 151,2 cm format. The entire altarpiece comprised 16 panels without four of the predella, i.e. 20 boards and an original altarpiece or shrine (s.Anm. 5) as a central part of 3.34 x 3.04 m.

16 panels had the temple display (mm deviation) format. They were Hans Holbein d. SR. and his workshop made within a year. The polyptych in the open State had a width of about seven meters wide and four meters in height. As with the backdrop of a drama, the visibility was guaranteed in the 53.60 metres long Church room. After the four outer panels (made of spruce) there are over 500 years, seven of the passion of Christ (Christ’s burial lost) and that the predella at the Stadel, the presentation in the Temple in the Hamburger privately Kunsthalle, the death of Maria and the fragment of the Annunciation at the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Marie head of the Annunciation since 1951 in the Toledo Museum of art in Toledo and a fragment of the head of Mary of G eburt of Christ in London.

The Entombment of Christ and the corresponding fragment with the appearance of John, and two Mary’s are lost. 1 this altarpiece consisted of a double change altar, a Pentaptychon. He had two outside wings and two inner wing. This required elaborate hinge devices of the wing altar: “the four-winged version, the two outer wing hinges on the inner wings are attached or inner and outer wings of the altar.” The wings of Holbein altarpieces were “originally mostly two-sided painted and later divided”.

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