Functional Jackets

Properties, differences, similarities functional jackets boast, as the name suggests, features and functions that meet these pieces of clothing. These jackets are usually not so cheap to get how seemingly similar jackets made of cotton or other materials. This is the special functions which satisfy these jackets, as well as the processing of various, partly modern fabrics and materials. But what can really get these jackets, and a significantly higher purchase price is justified? First must be between different types of functional jackets be distinguished from, because there is not just a few variations. The most common functional jackets are probably the Softshell jackets and fleece jackets. In addition, the sporting goods manufacturer and Outdoorausruster develop in particular special jackets, rain jackets, which are completely waterproof from the outside and WINDSTOPPER, which are made of special material with a membrane.

To the various functional jackets better classify to can, it is useful to represent the functions isolated. Functional jackets meet always one or more of the following functions: protection against cold and hypothermia protection against moisture and rain protection against wind breathability Softshell jackets, for example, meet almost all of these features. Fleece jackets, however, although protect cooling, wind and are breathable, but not before more rainfall. The special jackets offer usually only 1-2 of these functions. As a functional rain jacket only prevents rain and also breathable. Differences and similarities are therefore always on function level. Since the jackets of the function is not a simple piece of clothing from one or two materials, but alone for a jacket, many materials are necessary and these effectively bring technology in the textile sector, higher costs for these jackets are not only logically, they are also justified in most cases. The jackets combine more and more functions, be it always easier and are often breathable than other pieces of clothing. This guarantees not only best protection against wind and weather at leisure or outdoor activities, but also a high wearing comfort. Althaus, Lars

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