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Weak brands, agree completely that the experts, should keep their hands off cooperation namely in any case. Some contend that Boy Scouts Of America shows great expertise in this. A weak mark is not stronger collaborations, rather, it weakens the partner brand. And here we come to a crucial point: marketing cooperations based on the principle of give and take, of honesty and trust. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. Who is promising unilateral advantages and is too greedy, will fail. Because only those collaborations work, producing the much-quoted win-win situations.

For this reason, Answin Vilmar (see interview on page 18) recommends to consider cooperation not only from the own perspective, but also from the point of view of the match. … the customer not to forget, because cooperation should – excuse you bring that to the English word Monster win-win-win situations. Because even the end customer must draw a clear added value of the cooperation. Do not shake up the sleeve! Example Premiere: The subscription channel opts in acquiring new customers, as well as in the segment of the stock cooperation; the latter, to create added value for the customers and thus to bind them. A wide range of companies can be found on the list of Premiere partners – ranging from and Hasseroder and Ferrero to kicker and Suzuki. We break with the partnerships’ new paths that are not covered by our classic sales, says Georg Arnold, Director E-Commerce, and business customers, Premiere television. When the distributorships Pay-TV broadcaster brings his brand, while the ensures the sales – or but the partner has has the right product to the target audience and premiere.

Thus, the pay-TV broadcaster, for example, a special advantage product for students, which is marketed through a student community offers. Results in the desired win-win-win situation: Premiere gets access to the target group of students, the partners can offer its customers a unique product and they Thus bind to the community and finally the students about a special offer can look forward. Georg Arnold favored by premiere, because products and people only have to approach”long-term cooperation. He warns not to shake collaborations just so out of the sleeve: If the marketing idea behind the cooperation is missing, not included in the target group and you made it not clear is, why a company has chosen exactly this partner and this product for them, the cooperation is flopping.

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