Great Ayatollah

They warned the Iranians in the name of Islam isn’t the way to go from Western countries imported democracy, but the Qajar to replace dynasty with a strict religious rule system headed by religious authorities. The Iranian freethinkers and secularists of that time could such a throw-in not respond, but fortunately wrote a very unique and informative answer to that thesis the highest religious authority in Najaf and rejected the insertion of religious fanatics. Great Ayatollah NA’ini, the highest authority of the time. wrote a book in response to the ‘Islamic’ critics of the constitutional text. In the book he pointed out like that is the ugliest face of tyranny under the mask of religious oppressive system, which impose a dictatorship the country and justify his tyranny with the instrumentalisation of religion wants. Thanks to the explanations of NA’ini the democratic approach prevailed at that time first and gained the recognition of the clergy. My humble opinion, it is still not too late to protect democracy and democratically operating companies by following aspects from the attacks of the fanatic how-to: cultural associations and organizations need to set up non-profit I. moderate Muslims, not the field free to leave for the anarchists in the name of Islam and the Koran to speak.

These Muslim NGO’s are necessary to conferences, symposia and open discussions, etc. to organize so that this calculating fanatics not continue unhindered and with refined methods spread their ideology. II. A exact translation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an we need, which adheres to the chronology of the revelations! It is quite simply necessary and important to carry out such work. The verses of the Holy Qur’an were published namely, to make people and them is a way to show to develop gradually from ignorance about human values and a people proper civilization. These verses have been revealed in a particular context and only meet their sense when read in order, in which Muhammad revealed they his contemporaries.

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