In The Future: The Fair Horizon Will Come Back To Munster

horizon – the trade fair for Bachelor and graduate training Berlin, the 13.01.2011 – for many high school seniors are graduating before the big question now what? The stones are set, the world is open to them, they have to decide only between the endless possibilities. Provides the education fair horizon on February 25 and 26 for the fourth time in Munster. As in the previous years, exhibitors universities, companies and consulting institutions in the Halle Munsterland arise the questions of the students. The options seem almost limitless after graduating, studies, training abroad. Some people know exactly what he wants, others still doubt. The horizon inform more than 80 exhibitors from the region, the country and the neighbouring countries study at universities and universities of applied sciences, dual degree programs, different training and funding opportunities as well as internships and job opportunities in the country and abroad. But also who once a break want, take, for example, to travel and to learn new languages will find competent contact person.

International experiences are becoming increasingly important, on the horizon, experts not only at their stands on the various possibilities of a stay of abroad inform the framework programme also offers a lot on this subject. Lectures on Au Pair and work and travel alternate with information events to study in Austria, of Switzerland, Australia and Scandinavia. But he, too, which it does not take into the distance, is discussed here. The Agency for work of Munster is on Saturday, February 25th, tips to prepare for the choice. On the same day, the Bundeswehr also informed about their different careers. A special focus is once again on the Netherlands. The universities and universities of applied sciences offer here a strongly practice-oriented study, optimum conditions of study and courses on german, English and Dutch. What is interesting is that for example of the Windesheim HONOURS college studies not can be started only in the autumn, but also in February.

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