Interview By Novillero The Traces And Cum On The Veto A Navas De San Juan

The Delegate of the Government suspended bullfighting Jaen Navas de San Juan Interview with Juan Francisco Sanchez Perez: a The soar : novillero of the town at the threshold of the bulls heifers ancestral village celebrates Navas de San Juan and when much of the fertilizers and individual tickets were sold, the Government Delegate, SRE. Teresa Vega, announces suspending bullfighting events. However, permission to hold maintains the traditional and historic bull one day after: 25/06/2009 should start at 10.00. To do this, at 8: 30 pm on the appointed day, and carriers were parked cattle, with their trucks, on-the-loose: Church Square, corner of Ramon y Cajal. The novilladas taurine, however, were scheduled for 19:00 each day. However, at 9:00 am on 25, one before the beginning of closure, the local police to be withdrawn from both road vehicles. It so happens that the current mayor of San Juan Navas of mixed minority government since last year was expelled from his own party: IU.

This was their second celebration of bullfighting, in the current legislature, although previous mandate was processed by the flight of a bull killed a neighbor, gored in a street adjacent to the running of the bulls. However, their voters still bothering the nerve to D. Miguel Sanchez Parrilla, who generously placed the vote and trust. Although still saddled with the tail of the process of judicial disqualification for public office: for the escape of the bull and gored neighbor’s death. At 11:00 hours, however, breaks a local police vehicle in the running of the bulls, with emergency lighting, which precedes a car fitted with loudspeakers, through which reports the suspension of all runs or heifers that were planned.

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