Jou Master

We have many professors who, when having known the benefits of the art, if had considered to work with the project of the arteterapia. Such professors had told in them that the children had presented improvement in its behavior, getting bigger attention and concentration in the activities. These stories confirm the validity and importance of the project so that it has interior transformation in these children, so that they recognize as human beings and that they know that they are enough important and that they can be expressed through its workmanships. With this, we also gain a clear confirmation of that the art rescues the creative potential, searching psique healthful, the autonomy and internal transformation, for the reorganization of the being. Becoming to discover by means of the art and that this yes, is a true form of the human being to print its soul to the world.

Of worthy and authentic form, without mask, nor labels, being what it is in all its fullness. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF NORMS bibliographical TECHNIQUES, References, NBR 6023, Rio De Janeiro, 2000. BARRETO, E.S.S. Good and bad pupils and its families, seen for the teacher of 1 degree. Notebooks of research.

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