Know-how For Electric Mobility

The racing car of the Green team Stuttgart gained a charging / discharging resistor of Metallux AG Metallux know-how and consistently further developed manufacturing technology in the thick-film technology for electrical components as an integral part of assemblies of engine management of electrically-powered vehicles. The ability to be able to produce that meet the high demands of vehicle technology with the basic technology of construction elements is particularly important, because thick film resistors, specifically, various functions meet the performance version on steel substrate in automotive applications. Capacitors are sure to overcome as with classical stationary drives for the necessary energy to the moment of inertia at the start-up. So this energy storage must be recharged when starting the vehicle. Preload resistors provide the current limiting when charging capacity.

This at the same time secure the switching function of the main relay at low voltage differential. In addition to functional aspects are always safety-related claims to be observed. By the same author: Neeman Foundation. Live components must not be to the risk for people. There followed another function of these resistors. According to valid standards the energy storage within 5s to a safe voltage must by < 40V are unloaded. This is true both for switching off the vehicle after use, as well as furmogliche CRASH situations.

Just safety-relevant aspects are the ones that determine the level of requirements. The functioning of an electrical component must be ensured even under extreme conditions. Only decades of experience in dealing with the thick film technology, as well as the corresponding materials lead to the success. The requirements reflect the State of the art so a hybrid or electric vehicle must be at least as good as currently mostly used vehicles. Essential standards of quality are a precise function in einerhohen life. More applications in automotive applications are for example, measurements in battery management, where Thick film resistors on Ceramic substrates with low tolerances and extreme excellent low drift are. Metallux power resistors: the power resistors of Metallux AG product range includes innovative designs in thick film technology on steel substrate of different geometries and a wide range of wire power resistors. Taking advantage of the benefits of the technology of resistance, it is possible to offer optimal solutions to the applications according to.As a loading and discharge resistors, braking resistors, propulsion systems, protection resistance grounding resistors, resistors needed safe and reliable resistance to the current or voltage limit in many sectors of industry. About the GreenTeam, the GreenTeam uni Stuttgart is a non-profit association, in which about 30 student activists electric cars to Formula SAE rules develop and build.The complete development process, from concept and design through the production of the parts to the Assembly and Testing of the prototype is designed by our members themselves.. about Metallux: Metallux AG is a powerful manufacturers of electronic components in thick-film technologies. The German high-tech company has a wide range of performance and offers in addition to the standard range of pressure -, road – and angle – film sensors, to the packaging of potentiometers and joysticks also customer-specific complete solutions high-voltage and power resistors. A designated customer orientation ensures satisfied customers with appropriate ideas and solutions.

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