We rejoice! Prozvoniv a dozen rooms, make up the route to inspect apartments and time off from work, promising to make up for the boss tomorrow, all the lost time. Learn more at this site: BSA. And then, finally, the exciting moment came. We stand at the door of the first in our list of apartments. It has begun! "It's a mistake!" – We cry, looking at dilapidated walls and barely standing furniture 60s. Moreover, the apartment is almost dead, so also the owner any problems with the documents and apparently with his vision. But he stands firm in its "photos match!" But we do not we lose our nerve and, clutching the precious leaf with a list of apartments, are rushing to watch the next one.

And then, "Oh, thank the gods!" We're lucky. Fifth reviewed our apartment – more or less corresponds to our requirements. Photos and description, of course, the ears are stretched to the desired level, the Kremlin walls of windows is not visible, but you can live and the price – most importantly, just super. Never mind that the apartment owner and the two of them away. Present property owner is willing to lend your phone to dial the second owner, who confirmed that he is not against putting the apartment. "Everything! Finally – something! "- We cry and get ready for payment. But here, in the climax time the doorbell rings and in an apartment a few bursts of the same as we are willing to rent a house. To our great surprise, the owner, had no qualms and rejecting our arguments about who is the first – and that slippers offers to arrange an auction.

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