Area 'Krylatskoye' got its name from the ancient village of the same name, who was lying on the right bank of the Moskva River at confluence of the rivers Melenki. What does the name of the village, not exactly known. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nieman Foundation by clicking through. According to some linguists, it comes from the characteristic features of the terrain, rugged ravines and bearing the name Krylatskie height Krylatskie hills. The terrain is so ovrazhistaya that one of the ravine as the wings of other waste. One can only assume that the village was first founded by one of these hills with ravines, branching from it in the form of wings, which gave him that name. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. There are other version. In olden times was called the village Kryletskim and this name is sometimes produced from the word "porch", associating it with the location of the village at the entrance to the city.

The documents referred to in the first Krylatskoye 1417, the second spiritual letter of Moscow Great Prince Vasily Dmitrievich according to which he gave it to his princess, "And from the villages of Moscow give my princess … Krilatskoe village that was the Tartars, and my princess from the village dast novice Sophia 50 rublev owe it." Here our attention is that in complex holdings included Krylatskoe nearby village Tatarov. It is believed that she was named a certain "Tatars". Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. It is assumed that this could be a Tatar Mirza, drove off from the Horde in the service in Moscow, and Krylatskoye was probably given to him in the breast. Indeed, under the 1403 Moscow chronicle mentions a certain Tartar Mikula, who had slandered the Horde Ambassador Prince Entyak. Unfortunately, his fate is not known to us, but one can assume that Mikula Tartary was in the wrong kazien slander.

However, in the literature, it was suggested that the "Tatars" could be called a meadow – from the Turkic "Tatars", meaning "an open, grassy place." Dear users. Delving into the Internet came across a useful site, because he lived in Krylatskoye: Addresses, telephone numbers, hours of work organizations, the district Krylatskoe. Forum area 'url = Krylatskoye / url. Handbook has been updated in November 2010. At present, it is the most complete directory of organizations in the district 'Krylatskoye'

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