Life Is A Great Teacher

Many people get worried after they first realize what is involved in the finances of living life. Who pays how much for food, electricity, etc.? It seems really not easy to remain after the contraction still in love! Possible solutions to get used to someone is not really easy for many, especially if you previously a long time had lived alone. The more you will have to learn to adapt to each other. The balance of consideration and mutual tolerance makes for a pleasant harmony – even if you may be in some things differ. Mutual attention and interest in each other are important. These should include the opportunity to each individual open space be given. Ideally, both partners should have places for retreat. Looks like the one far away, the other should still have the ability to read a good book while in peace without being disturbed by noise roaring TV.

Are there different opinions, this should necessarily be addressed before too much builds up and is finally discharged by a violent quarrel. In a humorous way so many can determine the sensitive / the loved ones are placed gently close. Because if a relationship is built on a good foundation, you can also stuff like lost socks favorite yogurts and lost her no harm. In case of doubt to live separately Some couples discover only after they are in together, that they have made a big mistake. Many can live with anyone at all that is together. Couples in love, concerning that fact should be better still live separately.

Independence and the freedom of an apartment for himself all alone of course has many advantages. These must be weighed against the disadvantages. Social support has a supportive and protective, is the social support of a common dwelling harmoniously cohabiting couples protection and support in coping with more or less stormy everyday life. How well it works depends, of course, especially from the harmony between the two partners – and the will. A balance of give and take in this close relationship and flat form extremely important. Because: “Life is a boomerang: you get back what is given,” already said the American rhetoric teacher Dale Carnegie (1888-1955).

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