When all folders are selected zhmu'ZAKONChIT '(connected to the Internet.) After that, everything is very simple. Before you sign up for others resources, go to page 1 PS.RU hosting html code reference site where you register, you should put on your website. Copy this code on the designated page of the site. You can then recorded in the selected resource. On page can be displayed at once I press the button 7 resources: 'add link' in all seven resources and waiting for a page refresh. Everything happens very quickly. When there is evidence Registration shake button in the upper left corner ekrana'dalee 'and register in the following seven directories … Less than 3 hours, I registered my site (link to site) in more than 500 resources (including misrepresented the search engines rankings.) And now question: Is this a paid service? The administration of the resource offers a 3 rate.

Of these, 'NIGHT'-free. But you can register from 2 hours to 6 hours. The remaining fees paid, but the cost is minimal. Register will be in another time. There is also an additional service to promote your own site. Raising got into position the site. However, registration in directories is a half raboty.V depending on how many visitors you have – depending on your reyting.Poetomu first, visitors can buy. For myself, I chose life Unig – IP.

What it good for? The minimum price for attracting visitors. You can also attract visitors for free. Active advertising-c amy quick form of promotion The effectiveness of this direction is felt immediately. A stable return, with constant observance of the recommendations, you'll see a couple of months. The fact is that during this time your project will see thousands of visitors, many of them several times. Your project will visit even if you stop promotion at any stage. Active advertising has several advantages over passive. For smaller sites will need about 60 credits per day. These Loans need to distribute so: l Create a new site, enter there url-address of your project, set the flow rate – 1, and the restriction of an hour or two, and then save those settings. Then you can top up this site for any of the submitted payment systems from the page "My sites l If you have decided to spin his web site via a T – Surfing, the pre-set spot on your site – it can be placed in any part of it. Next, create a new site and set the flow rate-1, and the restriction of h-1, and save these settings. If there is a banner, make sure you upload them. Now you will just need to earn the 60 credits in the day possible and we have ways to translate these credits for promotion. For the average site will require about 250 credits in den.V S – Surfing Set: Flow -1.2 … 1.3, the restriction of an hour – 8 and for T-Surfing: Flow – 1.2 … 1.3, and the restriction of an hour – 4. Loans can be partially earned, and partly purchase. For large sites for the effective promotion to the order of the day 1000kreditov. This is at least more – the better. Dial a number manually is unrealistic loans, so they only need to purchase at the rate of several months. Settings for the S-Surfing: Flow – 1.5 … 2 hour limit-20. T-Surfing consumption -1.5 … 2 Origenal article here.

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