Margaret Smith Court

Tennis is also rich in history, as well as its records. Tennis Scores for some of the most unique fact in the annals of sport and sometimes are associated with all elements of sports. Tennis equipment and the amount of inventory, which involved in setting the record sometimes striking. For example one of these unique records is a record of Goran Ivanisevic, who was unable to finish the match due to the fact that smashed all his rackets! Is not it? crazy record for PROFESSIONAL sport? May 13, 1973 (Saturday). The match, Coy later be called 'Mom's Day beating': 55-Bobby Riggs defeated an unheated 30-year-old Margaret Smith Court 6-2, 6-1. 1 September 1977 (Thursday). Former tennis player Richard Raskins, afterward replacement surgery according to sex (made in 1975), made his debut in the women's tour before naming Rene Richards. After losing at this, Virginia Wade in match chief Circle the disclosure Championship USA.

June 28, 1979 (Thursday). Consistent with the main course of the battle round at Wimbledon, Linda Siegel, almost nothing is not completely bare, just not fallen out of their own dresses. Perhaps a single remarkable episode in its fun go against Billie Jean King, nothing but draw the interest of the audience she did not had the opportunity to … August 30, 1979 (Thursday). In a memorable fight the open championship of USA go against John McEnroe, Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase shlopotat disqualification because of hurtful language in the address of the public. But the conclusion of the arbitrator on the tower was then postponed because the supervisor match. Combat was ended with the victory and finish the American 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. June 22, 1981 (Monday).

All that because John McEnroe, called the presiding arbitrator, literally: '… most-most people in the world sucks', just not paid for probably a disqualification. So not least, the match main circle Wimbledon was all in fact, finish the: South American tennis player defeated Tom Galliksonom and continued his own campaign for the main title. May 15, 1986 (Thursday). After graduating from the vocational Ilie Nastase took up a career writer's trade. The result – a conclusion in light of his novel 'Taybreyk'. November 17, 1993 (Wednesday). During the break the match go against Andrei Medvedev, the ATP Championships in Frankfurt, grille, first grating racket – Jim Courier – attentively reading a book Armistead Mopena. On voprostsy puzzled reporters afterward the match, Courier gives the answer: "And if there such? I wanted to respect the elementary entertaining book …'. July 3, 1995 (Monday). Jeff Tarango was marked by an American record with a fine (15.5 tysch pounds) at Wimbledon and was removed from the role of Wotan in the tournament for the year. Probably resulted from the incident in which Tarango bezladitsa conceived with the mediator, and its wife, ran onto the court, the mediator has given a slap. July 7, 1996 (Sunday). 23-year-old student ran her bee Johnson Nagoya according to Centre Court at Wimbledon, before the final match of the accomplices in the unit number Richard Krajicek and Malivaem Washington as soon as they posed for photographers on the source of the battlefield. November 23, 2000 (Thursday). Croat Goran Ivanisevic has become a major player in the annals of tennis, could not been able to finish the match according to one factor, though broke all my own racquets. Himself because he was that way the situation commented: "In the next time, you will take a bigger, One unit fifteen '.

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