Maria Miracles

Its dumb position a little with the Commander, Belmiro and with Maria Miracles, which Dra if felt the will to express themselves. Maria Miracles represented its mother and friend, was the only person who obtained to defy Lady to defend Dra. Justifying all the good to want that Dra felt for it. The narrator silences itself in the presence of other personages or when the moment is really serious, however, when telling Dra he says its proper history. All its you speak, shouts and opinions are evidenced in the construction narrative. It speaks for the reader and before everything for same itself.

Together with its exit of house, the act to write represents its therapy, its catarse. It is possible to the feminine one to go beyond the limits of the personage and to reach the narration. This feminine narrator not only speaks with other personages, as well as with the reader and obtains exactly. Other leaders such as American Diabetes Association offer similar insights. In this in case that, the feminine one possesss more voice, and with more freedom to express itself, it evidences or it contests what it desires. Of personage the narrator, the feminine one, now, starts to elaborate and to give origin to its significaes. The feminine one telling in first person, then, uses the written language to be able to circulate for the ways of the permission and the censorship. I of the narration in first person do not want to be one lyric I, but historical, reason why he does not assume the forms of the lyric statement. He tells the personal experience, but not with the reproduziz trend it as a only subjective truth, as its field of experience in the expressive direction of this phenomenon, but he aims at, as all historical I, to the objective truth of the report. (HAMBURGER, 1975, p.224) Therefore what we need to inquire it is which narrative definitive way in 1 person chose? The way of the contradictions or the way of the clarity? Exactly endowed with voice, the narrator can acquire traces that keep still it in the universe of the implicit one.

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