Massive Lack Of Occupation

Innovative cloud-computing-training – from the practice for the practice long have recognized the potential of cloud computing company and begin to integrate the concept into their IT. However there is no according to a study by BITKOM solid professionals. Against this background, the CLOUD by cloud computing & technology training concept was developed analyst and Advisor Rene Bust, as well as the consultant Dr. Dietmar G. Wiedemann. The initiative arises the task of satisfying the increasing demand for skilled workers in the cloud computing. Urgently wanted for years the IT industry with above-average growth rates among professionals for cloud computing key markets in Germany. The steady growth but also comes in the IT industry ground to a halt.

This is because of the lack of qualified personnel. Period of three years, the number of vacancy more than doubled to 23,000, shows a BITKOM study from the year 2012. Cloud computing is ranked three of the most wanted IT skills. According to the current IBM study have tech trends only 10 percent of the companies surveyed the know-how to apply advanced technologies such as cloud computing. Against this background important fall consulting firms and system integrators as suppliers of know-how.

But also the training of internal staff must be in focus, to raise the potential of cloud computing by own personnel. Cloud computing training CLOUD”to meet growing demand for cloud computing professionals. Therefore have the cloud computing & technology analyst and Advisor Rene Bust (renebuest research ) “ as well as the consultant Dr. Dietmar G. Wiedemann (Proventa AG) the training concept CLOUD” developed. Researchers warn of missing training, knowledge and experience of the staff in the area of cloud. This has inevitably impact on the company, because employees today need to understand the ideas and concepts of cloud computing. Just as you can the value proposition of cloud computing for the company show up and the business as well as IT perspective link. “, white Badawi. He is cloud-analyst and Advisor, author of numerous scientific articles, presenter and participants in expert discussions about cloud computing. Remains of the mega-trend cloud’ basis for more trends like mobile, social or big data and therefore an integral part of current and future skills of each employee. “, adds Walters, who heads the Department of cloud computing in the IT-BDOA Association. “From practice for practice: in two days, the participants develop their own cloud-computing strategy at has practical relevance” priority. Numerous practical exercises, participants are placed in two-day seminars in location, to develop their own cloud computing strategy. An integrated example they learn how strategies are real competitive advantages. Immediately actionable tools, checklists and method blocks for strategy development, deployment and use up to the clarification of economic, organisational, legal and security-relevant Ask the cloud are the core of the concept. After a successful test, the participants receive the certificate certified Manager cloud”that distinguishes them as certified cloud computing experts in the market. Are opportunities for participation in 7 and 8 October 2013 on September 9 and 10, as well as most in Frankfurt am Main in the rooms of Proventa AG (Untermainkai 29). More information and registration: education for the cloud CLOUD contact phone: + 49 (0) 151 16789582 Proventa AG Untermainkai 29 60329 Frankfurt am main

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