Method Of Making A Positive Position

Effective method for developing positive attitudes in your subconscious mind is the elimination of some expression of thought and speech that we might consider small minuses. These so-called small cons clutter the speech of an ordinary man, and while each of these expressions is in itself seems unimportant, the overall effect of this attitude creates negative attitudes of mind. When this idea of "small minuses" first came to my mind, I started to analyze their own habits in conversation and was shocked by his discovery. It turned out that I use expressions like: "I'm afraid I'm late," "I am afraid I have no flat tire; "I doubt that I could do it," "I'll never cope with this work, it so much!" If something is turning into bad, I said: "I knew it!" Or, for example, noticing a couple of clouds in the sky I could come in the dejected state: "I foresaw that it starts to rain. " This, of course, small disadvantages, and much more thought insignificant, but we should not forget that "mighty oaks from little acorns grow, and if your conversation there are a lot of phrases with small minus, then eventually they come together into a coherent whole and seep into your mind. It's amazing how quickly increases their strength, and soon, before you realize it, they will grow and become a "major trouble.

" That's why I decided to take up their expressions with small negatives and snatch them from the root of his speech. I found that the best way to get rid of them is a deliberate utterance of positive words, what would it is not concerned. If you are of the opinion that everything will be good at what you can do this job that you do not have to pull the bus that will take you where you want time you talk about the positive outcome, according to the law affirmative action, and the results are positive. See Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more details and insights. Everything will turn you on polzu.Istochnik

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