Container and other solutions for events and other operators of events and other major events eighth for the accommodation of larger groups of people in particular on modern tent solutions – ranging from container solutions co-art warehouses and membrane structures. Temporary warehouses and other tent solutions for events organisers of major events must wear for the accommodation of many groups, feature teams and goods or materials of concern. Tent solutions are in the range of manufacturers and rental companies. So everything is available from the simple shack on the sector of the temporary storage to the lightweight Hall. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. Accommodation and field durfen not missing the big event, and the special smoking tent can be a charming solution to complement the Festival tent. In addition, among other things a uberdachter walkway can contribute positively to the appearance and to the satisfaction of the guests even in bad weather. Space in the Square: Container solutions events rent containers as practical spaces equipped emergency solutions are today far more than just poor. Some HerstelLER offer variants, which can be used for delivery as immediately ready to use VIP lounges with appropriate furniture.

The modules produced in standard size can be combined, so that in small container sites all ready, what an event infrastructure needed. From the ticket desk on the wardrobe, the material bearing and the Conference room to the lounge and to the sanitary area in all gradations of works to luxurious. Container solutions are available for rent, the manufacturer can individually be equipped and in case of need also purchased or leased. Depending on the configuration, a character who seem close solid construction arises with all flexibility. Multifunctional TEMporare structures in the tent and container construction used components in space solutions, whose Style can be based, not on a standard grid but individually zugeschnitten the purpose of the use. About Motorsport, the teams are beat season for season each other not only on the slopes, but also in the competition for the most spectacular motorhomes.

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