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Characterizing the functionality of the Tyler evaluation, (1974) it cites: (…) As the objectives educational they are essentially changes in human beings? of other words, as the aimed at objectives consist of producing certain desirable modifications in the standards of behavior of the student? the evaluation is the process by means of which if it determines the degree where these changes of behavior are really occurring. (…) (p.99). The evaluation, in this new conception, has the function to diagnosis the difficulties of the pupils, to control and to classify. The intention of mensurar was not left of side what the pupil learned, however the evaluation if does not lock up there, starting to englobar other existing procedures and what they can bring of significant for the process of teach-learning of the pupils, the group, of the resumes, of the professors. 3.Concluso the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, n 9394/96 24 article interpolated proposition V reveals much more flexible in relation to the evaluation system of what the institutions make to prevail: (…) Art. 24. basic education, in the levels basic and average will be organized in accordance with the following common rules: V – the verification of the pertaining to school income will observe the following criteria: ) the continuous and cumulative evaluation of the performance of the pupil, with prevalence of the qualitative aspects on the quantitative ones and of the results throughout the period on the ones of eventual final tests; (…) (BRAZIL, 1996, p.87) We must acquiring knowledge in them that to evaluate and for consequence to educate it goes beyond surveying given, is necessary that it has transformation, as much of the part of educating how much of the part of the educator. Tests and tests are instruments used in the avaliativo process, not ignoring its importance, must have clearly that the process is not locked in there, therefore exist other abilities that cannot be surveyed with pencil and paper. To evaluate goes beyond the note register, therefore the qualitative aspects as personal adjustment, social interactions, psicomotoras abilities among others are not measurable and yes you observed in order to assure evidences of transformations of behavior in its different levels of manifestations.

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