Capital Management. Rule ‘three Purses’.

The rules of formation and increase the initial capital (circulating assets) to create and develop their own business through the Internet. These rules are formed based on their own experience in organizing e-commerce and internet trading. rule 1. If you decide to create your first own business, do not leave a job that you have now. Make your first business in their spare time (the principle of parallelism of the business)! If the first attempt fails, you will not be left without bread. rule 2. If your first own business requires an investment of money (initial capital) selects only such amount of money you can afford at the moment, without prejudice to the need of daily material support their own needs.

Do not invest in their own first business their last money, especially never let them occupy (the principle of rationality of the business)! Postpone the money available at that time proceeds, even if it takes some time. rule 3. If your own business is trading operations, use the 'principle of the three purses': Purse N 1 'Current Assets'; purse N 2 'Foundation for sme Development "; purse N 3' Fund for personal consumption." Never put the proceeds in the following purse until until it fills the previous (the principle of consistency of business)! After payment of the next consignment first fully restore its working capital – Purse N 1, then increase them by the fund business development (usually not less than 20% -30%) – Purse N 2, and only then spend money for pleasure – Purse N 3, but only until the moment when you need to pay for the next batch of goods. Then – in a circle. rule 4. If you have your own business, do not break in his work. Any business should be run continuously without interruption (the principle of continuity of the business)! If you stop your business at least for a short time, you will ruin it.

rule 5. If your first own business has achieved in its development, a sufficient level of profitability (return value), start creating a business next. With the growth of its core and Working capital distributes it in several directions (principle of diversification of business)! Do not keep all your eggs in one basket, with its falling eggs all rule 6. If you decide to invest in the development of a Business tools 'from the' value of such funds shall not exceed the value of the Fund's business development (purse, N 2) for a certain period. Do not invest additional funds into a business with zero profitability, especially with the return on the negative (the principle of equity business)! Attempt to 'revive' an unprofitable business an additional 'injection' not save him and the inevitable will only lead to financial losses. Source:.

Clear Tiles

My article for those who want to try to put yourself tile, and were it not as a professional, although it may be after reading this opus, this desire you will be gone … If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. Laying ceramic tiles – the process is rather complicated, which assumes a qualified professional. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Boy Scouts of America by clicking through. If you wish to make their own ceramic tiles, then I suggest you consider some basic principles, rules and suggestions that will help you properly do the job. Not to buy extra tiles, its consumption is determined as follows: measure the area of the cladding and divide it by the area of one tile. Get a number of pieces, but it should be increased by 10 percent at first sight revetment wall tiles – it is not difficult, however, this process involves many important nuances to consider in their work. After all, the tile served a long time, the main thing – the right to lay its first stage – preparing the wall surface. Clear base with dirt, dust and fragile items. The surface of the alignment so that the difference in levels of less than 5 mm. Irregularities define a flat six-foot wooden or metal lath, and then using special blends shpatlevochnyh align poverhnost.Ya eg not pre-line the walls, but using a different adhesive under totlschinu plitkoy.Hotya professionals often do not recommend this method, but I still did not understand why? if to say, this method does not guarantee long-term use of such walls, in view of the fact that after a while everything will fall off, but it can not argue the fact that even on the glue to the Annotated says that it can be used to align sten.Edinstvennaya difficulty is that this method will not be able to practice a novice in a thick layer of glue is hard vyrovnivat tile relative each drugu.Poetomu the initial period is better to start on flat walls or pre-aligned.

Alternative IV Poetry Festival

Johann W. Goethe: The man deaf to the voice of poetry is a barbarian. Aristotle: The poetry is truer than ever. Childrens Defense Fund has compatible beliefs. The sea is not only a source of inspiration for poetry, but poetry itself. In his verses curlews fly, ride the wind in the direction of other worlds, it reveals clear horizons and are drawn almost invisible traces left in its wake by the loving couples who sucked the fresh air of the beach while their hearts made tender words of love inspired by the quiet waves and indescribable pm reddish near its end. The sea has been and will always be an element of inspiration for those who leave damp roll the pen on plain paper. Ken Cron insists that this is the case. The sea is a virtue and it's amazing, it's past and present, is a world of small worlds and is the immensity of time revealed through a tiny grain of sand or tiny piece of conch shell. The book "From the perception of sight" published by the Foundation "Dreamcatcher", a foundation for human, social, recreational and cultural center of La Guajira, meets beautiful poems by participating in the Alternative IV Poetry Festival held in Riohacha in August 2008.

In its pages we looked with anxiety, allegories, allusions to the sea pictures … faith and truth we have found some precious gems of which share some excerpts. On page 9 Oscar Parra, a poet born in Aracataca but settled on the Peninsula, writes under the title of "Presence": Mar, beautiful sea …


Area 'Krylatskoye' got its name from the ancient village of the same name, who was lying on the right bank of the Moskva River at confluence of the rivers Melenki. What does the name of the village, not exactly known. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nieman Foundation by clicking through. According to some linguists, it comes from the characteristic features of the terrain, rugged ravines and bearing the name Krylatskie height Krylatskie hills. The terrain is so ovrazhistaya that one of the ravine as the wings of other waste. One can only assume that the village was first founded by one of these hills with ravines, branching from it in the form of wings, which gave him that name. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. There are other version. In olden times was called the village Kryletskim and this name is sometimes produced from the word "porch", associating it with the location of the village at the entrance to the city.

The documents referred to in the first Krylatskoye 1417, the second spiritual letter of Moscow Great Prince Vasily Dmitrievich according to which he gave it to his princess, "And from the villages of Moscow give my princess … Krilatskoe village that was the Tartars, and my princess from the village dast novice Sophia 50 rublev owe it." Here our attention is that in complex holdings included Krylatskoe nearby village Tatarov. It is believed that she was named a certain "Tatars". Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. It is assumed that this could be a Tatar Mirza, drove off from the Horde in the service in Moscow, and Krylatskoye was probably given to him in the breast. Indeed, under the 1403 Moscow chronicle mentions a certain Tartar Mikula, who had slandered the Horde Ambassador Prince Entyak. Unfortunately, his fate is not known to us, but one can assume that Mikula Tartary was in the wrong kazien slander.

However, in the literature, it was suggested that the "Tatars" could be called a meadow – from the Turkic "Tatars", meaning "an open, grassy place." Dear users. Delving into the Internet came across a useful site, because he lived in Krylatskoye: Addresses, telephone numbers, hours of work organizations, the district Krylatskoe. Forum area 'url = Krylatskoye / url. Handbook has been updated in November 2010. At present, it is the most complete directory of organizations in the district 'Krylatskoye'

A Good Marriage

The girl, met a guy and having him warm feelings have always dreamed of marriage and family formation. With each day feeling grow and attract each other. At the time of the wedding, give each other – another promise – to go through all the joys and sorrows together. Loyalty to one of the important conditions for a strong marriage. Creating a family is a very serious decision, and the birth of children – the main goal in life, men and women. It is surprising that walking down the aisle, the girl thinks her husband will be wrong or bad, just a guy and do not go negative thoughts.

But how in the world, there are black and white, there are also good and evil. BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Well, when people parted by mutual decision, did not agree on the characters turned out to be different interests … Is more difficult parting, when her husband just "Lost." For example, enticed by "side" the other, or "bogged down" in the everyday problems and lost the feeling of love. Especially, these problems are felt when a family experience jumped over 10 years. Psychologists believe both men and women begin to look for something new. Also losing his younger years, men try to "establish itself" in his campaigns, "the left".

Doing the wrong things, no one thinks about the consequences. Therefore, the majority of women, seeing as her husband admits the "gaffes" are trying to find a solution how to get a husband. There are many ways for example: ask the family or a psychologist to try to establish the relationship itself.

Purchasing Power

The detail is that good part of VV customers are companies that sell products and services mainly aimed at population groups that have sufficient purchasing power to be subscribed (or subscribe) to a cable TV or satellite service and these companies must already have their doubts of what in terms of marketing and sales can mean the double blow of a muted and deleting screens exposure media)RCTV) and replaced by a communicational invalidity and commercial (Tves) and two-channel despised by the vast majority of the public target of its products (Venevision and Televen) in this scenario: that sense does keep the media strategy?, who is watching campaigns that so expensive cost?, does makes sense insist more beyond of what is reasonable in these circumstances?, do won’t be more cash to make additional investments of advertising in these media of cable and satellite?do, which do not report you any benefit to RCTV, but that if will achieve desired to Venezuelan consumers exposure?. Advertising budgets are limited (though not appear); additional investments in a medium mean reduction of investment in another (sends the opportunity cost). I think that despite the undoubted experience and skill for business that has excelled at the Cisneros Group it for so long, in this case, is not anywhere: favored reacting and moving in the immediate short term above the long term vision and which goes on the air this message of Cisneros allows Intuit that the assurances given in exchange for the submission are more precarious than it at first appeared to them, it leaves him looking out also is true that Venevision did not license for 25 years who requested but only for 5 years. Venevision is currently analyzing the appeal that decision through established regulatory procedures you can that the rejection and the behavior of the venevidentes or trends of customers oblige them to think in a complicated future, you have to read it as that is, are not actors or the plant making solidarity with RCTV personnel or claiming civil rights is the owner of the circus trying to excuse himself and explain Venevision seeks balance and the objectivity by very difficult to obtain them. Venevision seeks to be a means for the resolution of the conflict, not a protagonist who intends to eliminate one of the two sides in the national conflict. Serious issues that are not resolved in one day for another disguising herself as sister of charity as attempted today to Gustavo Cisneros, nor backtracking apparatus because it is behind pushing the gendarme who monitors the implementation of what has been agreed in the barracks or changing direction because, as good graphically described the situation a cartoonist days ago, the floor around VV fell, have no where to take, concerned decisions placed them on a narrow and unstable embankment and cannot be moved because if you move they fall to the vacuum thank you for listening to me. By anything Mr. Cisneros but do not lose sight that a thing is to listen to him and something very different is to believe you and friends you and friends: thank you for reading me greetings.

With High Pressure Clean – Without Chemicals

Pipe cleaning 24 h emergency service from Oberhausen informed what have functioning local area connection channels, us is not aware if the ducts are blocked once. A proper function of channels and pipes is a matter of course for us. Learn more on the subject from BSA. You are the ones who give us all the amenities of modern living. The water can no longer run, the everyday things of the budget be the challenge. Suddenly the sink remains dry, body care must be done without water goes down the toilet, the washing machine is no longer usable and also the dishwasher has stopped. As particularly economical cleaning house connections, 24-hour emergency service from Oberhausen explains the pipe cleaning.

Save time and money the high-pressure pipe cleaning is ideally suitable for use in the so-called underground pipes, especially with the House connection channels. The usage of different nozzles eliminates all kinds of obstructions and debris. For more information see Spm Llc. The water is customized, with a, the degree of soiling Pressure washed through the lines. Without the use of chemicals, optimum cleaning is guaranteed also by hardest Incrustations. The process of purging can be repeated several times if necessary. With the tube cleaning 24 h emergency service can save time and money, because the vehicles through their facilities with the ideal combination of special tools guarantee the highest performance.

Nothing is left to chance. As well, a fast execution of the cleaning can be guaranteed because the high pressure systems with a remote control can be controlled and worked without interruption. For detailed information about all services 24-hour emergency service available the tube cleaning anytime. Press contact tube cleaning 24-hour emergency contact: Sebastian Neumann Emmericherstr. 53 46147 Oberhausen telephone: 0208 681752 fax: 0208 681752 email: Homepage:

Steinbeis Centre Berlin

Among others will be informed about the following topics:-what is legal support? -Why do I set up a legal support? Who will care? -Rights assisted students – who can become a supervisor? -What are the duties and what rights does the maintainer? -Note on pension scheme is the care work Berlin over its wearer since 1995 as a recognised childcare Club in Berlin over bezirklich active. Through his extensive and diverse support work succeeded, can build a dense social network, today and in the future care of needy persons and volunteers alike benefit. Event date: 25 April 2013 from 17:00 place: Steinbeis Centre Berlin (Gurtelstrasse 29a/30 10247 Berlin) asking for a previous registration: Tel. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kidney Foundation. (0) 30 28472424-49 or more dates to information events around the care law can be found at the care work Berlin operates through its wearer since 1995 as a recognized Association of care over bezirklich. Add to your understanding with Ken Cron. Through the extensive and diverse support work of the care plant Berlin e.V., a dense and reliable social network has grown from today and in future support needy people as well as the volunteer supervisors, who accompanied the Club, will benefit. Institution of the care work that is education Institute urban education works v. “.” The services of the support Association include: – needs expert conducting legal work – planned extraction of volunteer supervisors the service factory Berlin e.V.

contributes to the publicity and networking relating to the renewal with:-information events Care law, precautionary powers and care decisions and advance directives – introduction, consultation and training volunteer supervisors. Contact press and public relations: Christiane Hancock care factory Berlin echo road 86 10317 Berlin Tel. (0) 30 28472424-49 fax. (0) 30 28472424-64

European Commission

Especially these days speaks much about the integration of Spain in Europe, which undoubtedly implies a sense double relationship, and, at the moment, if we refer to an economic environment in this relationship our country is losing in terms of competitiveness. As a market, we see many foreign companies who have developed their businesses, but not so otherwise here. According to the European Commission, every year thousands of companies they wasting commercial opportunities and lose contracts for lack of knowledge of languages. The origins of this problem are very diverse, but abiding to the languages, the statistics reflect an increase continued in terms of number of companies contemplating the training of its staff, at the same time that the financial conditions to achieve this, both in the form of bonuses as State and regional grants have done. But it also highlights a large percentage, particularly SMEs, which do not have access to these advantages, either due to ignorance or by not considering it a preference.

The chain of Hexagone language centers strongly believes in training as a future against the crisis situation. And according to his experience, many of the companies that invest in training contemplate policies that either elect its suppliers only for the lowest cost, pulling nearly the investment, or then not controlled its effectiveness, so it will not correct the defects. In this sense Hexagone offers focused training programs to the business world, with their own methodologies and pedagogical approach, adapted to a professional development. Not in vain the company was born as Academy of French for the subsidiary of Renault in Spain, and since then has given service to companies like Zara, Ferrovial, Decathlon, the Ensign Indesit seeks to grow through the system of franchises, with the current crisis situation, because language teaching has proven to be a sector that evolves increasingly. And precisely because this situation causes that the training is becoming increasingly important to find a job or to stay there without going to become obsolete. According to data from the labor market, has shown that workers who increased their knowledge of languages they have greater access to employment, they can keep the have and even some professionals can expand their salary level. Hexagone is a franchise of schools of languages, with a wide range of services, such as individualized training or group for companies or individuals, classes at distance, courses abroad, the innovative system of auditory re-education Speedlingua, etc.

At first, the intention of its makers is to enhance the expansion of the chain in cities with at least 300,000 inhabitants, in the Peninsula and the two archipelagos. His great experience in the sector of the languages has been its best asset since such large companies as MTV, Carrefour, day, BNP Paribas, Renault or Alain Afflelou, rely on them for years. Part of its success is due to the values that have always guided them such as transparency and closeness with their customers, the seriousness and the dedication to his craft that consider a true passion. His professionalism has been awarded by the attribution of the quality ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

PanAmericano Dollar

At the top of the list it is well capitalized a solid financial system and, without occult risks in rockings riddled of tricks, as it occurred in the United States. Test of this is that since 2008 no Brazilian bank of national covering it broke, with exception of the PanAmericano. Spm Llc spoke with conviction. the weekly magazine of the April says: ‘ ‘ In according to place, Brazil still has in box more reserves in foreign currency of what the total of the external debt. With this recess, the Central banking has maneuver edge to brighten up traumatic fluctuations of the exchange in accordance with vendendo or buying dollar in the market the necessities of each moment. The good situation of the reserves leaves Brasilia in favorable conditions also to allow that investing foreigners remove its economies of the country changing its Reals for dollar, what he confers to Brazil credibility still more.

A country that it does not hinder artificially the dollar exit is a country that attracts dollar with facilidade’ more; ‘. advances: ‘ ‘ The third point is the absence of ‘ ‘ bolhas’ ‘ in the economy. That is, even so if she can technical affirm that the property are with the irrealmente high prices in Brazil, this not yet configures a bubble, therefore they are not being financed for instruments of credit without ballast, as she occurred in the American market, opening way for the 2008 crisis. The room tranquilizador factor is the monetary politics of the Central banking that, having been sufficiently strict in last the ten years, accumulated credibility to act with the signal changed in case of the contraction to show the face. That is, the interests are in a high platform and to lower them can have effect stimulant in the economy, will be necessrio’ ‘. concludes in the following way: ‘ ‘ Finally, the public banks, that represent half of the available credit in the financial system, can be set in motion to inject more money in the economy without the same precautions that private banks are obliged to take.

This was made successfully in 2008 and 2009, when the increase of offers of loans for the official banks helped to move away to the specter from the stagnation econmica’ ‘. But, thanks to GOD, the Stock exchange of the whole world is if recouping, after a vertiginous fall at the beginning of the black week, enters days 08 of August the 10 of August, when the main stock markets, between them of Wall Strett and Nasdaq (U.S.A.), Tokyo, Seoul and Shangay, in Asia, and Paris, Madrid, London, etc in the Europe, and So Paulo, in Brazil, among others, had had losses that they had arrived at dollar one trillion. On account of this, the man richest of the world, the Mexican Carlos Slin, owner of Clearly, in Brazil, lost to the all U$$ 8 billion, and the Eike Brazilian Baptist, owner of the Valley, U$$ 2 billion. what everything indicates they had recouped practically everything with the increase of the Stock exchange in the whole world. Still well that the crisis one more time was passenger, or as already it affirmed president Lula in the 2008 crisis:

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