It would not like to obtain more in less time? The efficiency and the productivity are qualities that we want to acquire in all the areas of our lives. In a world more and more accelerated the people they have realized of which the time is its more important assets. Every day that happens is a day less. For that reason it is important to question his daily activities thus to be able to determine as they are those that really contribute to him. But, of all the thousands of things that we do daily, how we can differentiate those that are valuable of that they make us waste the time? For that it will have to begin to think based on the principle of the 80/20. What is the principle of the 80/20? The principle of Pareto, more known like the principle the 80/20, raises that 80% of the results or benefits are obtained from 20% of our efforts. In the same way, 80% of our activities only generate 20% to us of the satisfactions in the life. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. might disagree with that approach. It is a principle widely known in the scope of the businesses.

The diagram of Pareto has many applications in one company. Among others functions, are used to make quality controls to determine the most common source of defects of a product, the most frequent reason of reclamations from the client, etc. Nevertheless, their application in the personal life of each person is less well-known. Why it would have to concern the principle to him of the 80/20? Because it is applied to all the areas of his life and it will give a greater understanding him than truly this happening in the world surrounds that it. If you manage to think according to this one principle, will be one more effective, productive, competitive, happy and satisfied a person. Their businesses also would be more profitable, since they will require a smaller money, time reversal and effort to obtain better results.

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