25.07.2003 – The archbishop of South Africa is revealed against their homophobic … Still, discrimination is widespread. …
The clothing company has also been criticized. In 2002, controversy broke out with caricatures of Asian Americans and other ethnic groups in their shirts. A shirt that appeared on two smiling asian wearing conical hats with the slogan “Service of the Wong Brothers Laundry ‘Two Wongs Can Make Blanco” ( “Wong Brothers Laundry Service’Two Wongs Can Make It White,” making a play on words the mispronunciation of the sound “r” on the part of Asians). The company designs and withdrawal apologized after a boycott of Asian student groups. That same year, the division of children’s clothing line to remove a pre-adolescent girls in thongs after the parents organize protests in front of stores throughout the United States. The underwear included phrases like Wink Wink Eye Candy and printed on the front.
In 2004 there were two other incidents involving controversial shirts. The first was due to a T-shirt with the phrase, “all are relatives in West Virginia,” an apparent joke of incestuous relationships in the rural southern United States. I was reading the blog, maven, about internet search West Virginia Governor Bob Wise, the company claimed to show “an unfounded, negative stereotype of West Virginia,” but the shirts were not removed .
The second incident involved another t-shirt with the phrase “L is for Loser” (L is for losers) written next to a picture of a gymnast on the rings. Company to stop selling the shirt in October 2004 after the USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi announced a boycott of Abercrombie and Fitch by mock sports.
In November 2005, the foundation of women and girls sudesde of Pennsylvania launched a new boycott for selling T-shirts with phrases like “Do I need to have these neurons,” in reference to large breasts and dumb blondes. The bell was made in the national program of The NBC Today Show, and retirement t-shirts the company November 5, 2005 .
Bob Jones University and its affiliated schools precolegiales’ Bob Jones Academy Bob Jones Junior High School and Bob Jones Elementary School ‘which banned clothing AandF be “used, carried or displayed” on their campuses because of the publicity the company had “an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ, and samples of evil.”

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