Purchasing Power

The detail is that good part of VV customers are companies that sell products and services mainly aimed at population groups that have sufficient purchasing power to be subscribed (or subscribe) to a cable TV or satellite service and these companies must already have their doubts of what in terms of marketing and sales can mean the double blow of a muted and deleting screens exposure media)RCTV) and replaced by a communicational invalidity and commercial (Tves) and two-channel despised by the vast majority of the public target of its products (Venevision and Televen) in this scenario: that sense does keep the media strategy?, who is watching campaigns that so expensive cost?, does makes sense insist more beyond of what is reasonable in these circumstances?, do won’t be more cash to make additional investments of advertising in these media of cable and satellite?do, which do not report you any benefit to RCTV, but that if will achieve desired to Venezuelan consumers exposure?. Advertising budgets are limited (though not appear); additional investments in a medium mean reduction of investment in another (sends the opportunity cost). I think that despite the undoubted experience and skill for business that has excelled at the Cisneros Group it for so long, in this case, is not anywhere: favored reacting and moving in the immediate short term above the long term vision and which goes on the air this message of Cisneros allows Intuit that the assurances given in exchange for the submission are more precarious than it at first appeared to them, it leaves him looking out also is true that Venevision did not license for 25 years who requested but only for 5 years. Venevision is currently analyzing the appeal that decision through established regulatory procedures you can that the rejection and the behavior of the venevidentes or trends of customers oblige them to think in a complicated future, you have to read it as that is, are not actors or the plant making solidarity with RCTV personnel or claiming civil rights is the owner of the circus trying to excuse himself and explain Venevision seeks balance and the objectivity by very difficult to obtain them. Venevision seeks to be a means for the resolution of the conflict, not a protagonist who intends to eliminate one of the two sides in the national conflict. Serious issues that are not resolved in one day for another disguising herself as sister of charity as attempted today to Gustavo Cisneros, nor backtracking apparatus because it is behind pushing the gendarme who monitors the implementation of what has been agreed in the barracks or changing direction because, as good graphically described the situation a cartoonist days ago, the floor around VV fell, have no where to take, concerned decisions placed them on a narrow and unstable embankment and cannot be moved because if you move they fall to the vacuum thank you for listening to me. By anything Mr. Cisneros but do not lose sight that a thing is to listen to him and something very different is to believe you and friends you and friends: thank you for reading me greetings.

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