Who is authentic, assumes the responsibility for being what is and it recognizes free of being what is. Jean Paul Sartre. The success always comes accompanied from responsibility. In all our areas. Not to assume the responsibility of a life chosen by own decision, entails to live an other people’s life. It is easy to fail, we could say, even, that not only it is easy, but useful when is contemplated like a circumstance and not like a drama.

The initial failure abre the doors to us towards a greater success, a deeper learning keeps awake to us and it allows us to expand to us towards an improvement in all our facets. The problem is not the landslide than we believed uncertainly constructed, the contrariedad comes given when we took refuge in excuses and we perpetuated that state where is not more alternative that the one to turn to us into victims. If we looked for the success it is irremediable that we are whole and completely responsible for everything what we are and we do. Of all our acts and repercussions. Not to accept and to assume our personal responsibility towards our own life, leave in other people’s hands the solution of all that one reason why we would have to be taking responsibility and action. Perhaps, in the outside, it is raining or for a time it has been disliking to you.

But lamentarte on it, I can garantizarte that is not going to cause that it improves, and yes will be able to ruin your day, unless you decide responsabilizarte, to act and to vary in the necessary thing to follow with the glided thing in that day in spite of the climatologic conditions. It remembers that only tiempo” can be turned badly into ; if you create therefore it. Everything depends on you. You decide If you wish to transform your and in the heat of successful life!

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