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Selecting an advertising agency in the first place depends on what the challenges facing your company. And what do you expect from this agency. Depending on the problem of agency can provide services for the purchase of advertising space, to offer complete communication solutions, to make tactical planning. They strategic planning and creative marketing are subject to the general idea. At the tactical planning of all responsibility of the specialists in marketing and advertising. As a result, before the agency put narrow promotional tasks. For example, how to achieve a certain coverage of the target audience. In the strategic planning unit marketing and advertising agency to formulate the task of marketing concepts.

For example, how to increase brand awareness. This option is good awareness of agency experts about your product or service on the status of your in the market. If you are lucky with the agency, joint work will lead to impressive results and this will shift the agency a major part of your job. You'll be sure to hold a tender. First of all, your surely this would require the authorities. Second, if you have not yet found their dream agency.

Typically, for participation in tender enough three – four agencies. If they are too much you yourself will be difficult to compare options and choose. At the tender as agency mobilizes all its resources. Therefore it is necessary to create conditions so that they showed in the solicitation work the best of their abilities. First of all agencies should offer their ideas, set forth a good knowledge of the variety of advertising media and their fine features. Specialization distinguishes mediaagenstva, creative, online agencies, and others with a narrower specialization. There is also a category of so-called full-service agencies. They offer a full range of advertising services. Although the quality of their services in various forms of advertising is very uneven. Clear specialization characteristic of the network agencies. Full service mostly offer local agency. The main advantage of online agencies is access to their international resources: technology, experience in the art. However, this will only be in if you are a big customer in terms of an advertising agency. If your budget is not too large, you should consider before participating in the tender offer web based agency. You can, of course, work client with a small budget, if your entire budget is spent on television advertising. Cost of work in this agency is very high. Local agencies for the customer are prepared for anything. Independent of major agencies is low. Such agency is in no inferior network. They have a good infrastructure, sufficient resources boshie. Besides these, there are a huge number of small and very small advertising agencies. That's all you need to know when choosing an advertising agency. Contact the large network agency, if you have a big budget and small budget if you just need to tactical planning. Invite to tender large local agencies, if you want a creative solution, using all appropriate communication channels. Use the services of smaller specialized agencies, if the problem is narrow.

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