Romulo Betancourt Government

In recent years, we have witnessed the strengthening of political relations in Latin America, Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with certain Arab and Muslim countries, in order to create new blocks or structures of power, to confront the American hegemony and its allies in the Middle East, Israel. However, studying the origins of the Bolivarian revolution, can be found the first approaches with these countries through representatives of different movements Venezuelan guerrillas specially in 60-70 years. The first approach takes place in Algeria, thanks to the intervention of Fidel Castro with the Government of the Prime Minister Ben Bella, so that the latter would facilitate the transportation of a cargo of American weapons coming from China and Korea through a front company created by guerrillas of the armed forces of national liberation (initially the arm armed of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV).) This arms shipment was directed at fronts guerrilla compounds by Venezuelans and Cubans who had been previously prepared in Cuba and who came to the country at the beginning of the 60s: the front Jose Leonardo Chirino (West), in the mountains of Falcon and Yaracuy; whose commanders were Douglas Bravo, Luben Petkoff and front guerrilla located in cerro El Bachiller in Miranda State. In November 1963, Romulo Betancourt Government submitted a report to the Organization of American States on the seizure of four tonnes weapons on the northwest coast of Venezuela from Cuba. Eight months later, the OAS declared Cuba guilty of aggression and intervention in Venezuelan affairs. However, Fidel Castro continued sending guerrillas to Venezuela, in 1967 thanks to information provided by an infiltrate in a guerrilla front, the Government of Raul Leoni went back to the OAS who confirmed the Venezuelan accusations about the ongoing Cuban invasion. This situation caused so much the withdrawal of Cuban guerrillas in Venezuela as the beginning of the defeat for the Venezuelan guerrillas who did not have an important social base as the urban population of Venezuela had grown by 70 percent.

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