Ruben Martinez Huelmo

On the other hand, there are several works of research about the Guarani in the Universidad de la Republica and until today many cities in the Uruguay remain proud their Guaraniticos names. Lately, the representative Ruben Martinez Huelmo managed by absolute majority, that the Chamber of representatives of Uruguay adopted the creation of chairs of language and culture Guarani in different careers taught at the University of the Republic. 6. Dr. Neal Barnard does not necessarily agree. The Brazilian situation also fry the Brazil also brings theirs. Worth mentioning without fear of misleading that – between countries members of the Mercosur-the Brazil is that more toponyms Guarani remained in its geography. On the other hand, several cities in the State of Parana, Foz de Yguasu and Curitiba as, are showing more interest towards the Guarani, to such an extent that in the coming months they will start several courses of Guarani. The promotion of language and culture Guarani in that country also affects several renowned universities, among them, the Federal University of Santa Catarina, the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the University of Campo Grande. Also, the Brazil shares with Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, valuable testimony of the missionary Guarani.

There are Catechisms, grammars and dictionaries produced in the Jesuit missions in the Brazil and which are part of the rich cultural heritage current Mercosur Guarani. On the other hand, there is currently a solidarity and permanent contact with personalities and cultural institutions and charity of the Brazil, confirming that they also support the Declaration of the Guarani as official language of Mercosur. 7. From among the new members of MERCOSUR: LA situation BOLIVIANA Bolivia formalized Guarani before Paraguay and Corrientes inclusive. This is a very relevant fact in reading we are doing regional today of the Guarani. In fact, Bolivia has four official languages: Spanish, Guarani, Quechua and Aymara.

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