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Adding a site to social bookmarking sites – one of the good ways of site promotion in search engines. Social bookmarking – is a bookmark that is visible not only you but other users of the site and, consequently, search systems. They are usually well indexed, so a link is placed you in such a bookmark is fast becoming visible to all search engines. Better choose a bookmark, you can place direct links to their sites. Some companies offer a certain amount of money to add your site to a hundred or more bookmarks automatically.

But the problem is that there are not many sites where you can add social bookmarks in Russian, so even with the direct links to websites. Most of these tabs will be either with indirect links that search engines consider when indexing, or in English, which quickly remove your site from the description and the Russian content. So I think to spend the money makes sense only if your site has the English version, then it is desirable to provide a firm and also an English version of the title and site description to register for social bookmarking. If your site is no English version, it's better just type in Google search string "social bookmarking" and you'll be able to find the most popular ones. After that, just register and add any number of bookmarks with descriptions of sites, tags. You can even add multiple bookmarks at the same site but on different pages, respectively, with a different name and description.

This is important if you want to improve not only the rating of the home page, but some internal pages. Although there is important to know when to stop. If you add a single site and it dozens of links to different pages, it is likely to be regarded as spam. Therefore it is better to add no more than 5 links on the same site, plus links to some other sites. But for even better promotion of your website, well, if a bookmark for this site will add more than one person. For this You can place on your site code buttons, offering visitors to add it to favorites, and even bookmarks can be shared with administrators of other sites, that is, you add to your bookmarks their site and they are yours. You do do not hard, since you have already registered and can add as many tabs, it will be even less suspicious if you add a bookmark is not on one site. A page that has been added to your bookmarks in different users will be several times higher than found in the search for key words, and therefore more likely to attend its search engine. So you can greatly improve your site ranking in major search engines.

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