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New website with more direct marketing information and a strong gust of wind in the direction of transparency after the annual meeting of the 2006 founded copywriter network was Profitexter.NET(t) in April a lot walkin and implemented in practice, towards even greater customer value. Now the 12 copywriter specializing sales texts, await you with a completely new website. A new Web robe, that is clear, clear and informative. The extra-(t) in the name of striking at first glance. The attached net(t) expresses the spirit of all professional copywriter. Nice in the sense of: people, entrepreneurs are (not vice versa), real, alive, on par with the customers – no matter whether large or small enterprises.

It has to do with them you notice immediately: the 12 Thoroughbred copywriter know what your work is worth, without taking off. The Pro nice copywriter in the technical cards can be watching and not only on its Web site. The professional copywriter-social media team regularly sends around the successful insider tips Sales texts in small, punchy 140 characters doses for Twitter. Without hesitation Nieman Foundation explained all about the problem. 600 of the professional copywriter tweets the network now in a free E-book offers, that of the PT inside “registration on the website can be requested. At the same time PT Insider free great articles archive professional copywriter news “rely. New are also the published references of the individual professional copywriters. A security for all interested people who want to know whether sales texts there are where sales texts available on it. With the newly released professional copywriter ethics code Profitexter.NET(t) in terms of transparency now yet another puts it: In the professional copywriter ethics code commit themselves to uncompromising quality and everything that belongs to all 12 professional copywriter. If you would like to know more about Vida Vacation, then click here.

Regular and free direct marketing information is just the icing on the cake. Here a small excerpt of the code of ethics and quality factors, for the Profitexter.NET(t) officially take can oblige: counts members selection at Profitexter.NET(t) Lyricist quality over quantity. Every professional lyricist must therefore fulfil solid inclusion criteria prior to his arrival in the network. Fair and cooperative cooperation all professional writers maintain a fair partnership with each other and pursue this with every single customer. These include course deadlines, mutual trust, and reasonable prices. All-round advice and accompaniment Profitexter.NET(t) serves his customers if desired from the concept to the implementation of the direct marketing concept and also optionally offers the comprehensive consulting in all areas of direct marketing (print, Internet, email, phone). Constant increase in Know-How all Profitexter.NET(t) members undertake to keep up to date to ensure the customer really effective direct marketing strategies marketing terms regularly. This is only a fraction of the code of ethics and the realized projects, which were ripped by the members. Profitexter.NET(t) recommends that interested entrepreneurs and marketing, take a look at to throw and to be curious about next actions

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