Samuel Akinin Levy

They are those who actually make our dreams. Samuel Akinin in the dichotomy that we imbuimos when we look at us, we know that we exist as a man or woman, we are parents, mothers. We discovered that these pieces are not divided, nor can unite, because even having feelings, they, of having been broken, cannot do it by pain that occurred to break them and the printed trace of pain in the soul. I wanted to exist as being different and stumbled. I believed in being able to give happiness, sharing joys, be someone else. I found barriers, cloches that reveal but not allow walk.

It’s like being in a cell covered with a veil, with strings that don’t let us act. Perhaps it was the own feeling, which did not allow for or pain favored to stop living. Thank goodness that exist as a parent, it reflects everything that I feel. Perhaps tell him, as expressions of the soul, are tears from the pain of love. They are feelings behind the walls where I live, and look at that my children live in them. I am not alone, I know that it is also dark, letting human selfishness does not see the lights on the ceiling of the sky each night us God gives. Oblivion is sometimes the cure to the pain of a broken heart. Forget not always want, as it accompanies us your picture, a window shades, a message, a Word, a caress, many things all together remains the precious gift, you do not know you gave me and that I’ll stick with love.

Samuel Akinin Levy who we are to analyze the time. Time is the most precious jewel that each of us has, is the richness of one or many accumulated experiences, is learning that we receive almost no give, in which we share without claims, that leave us be, and we are. At the end, and without a doubt, it is the only thing separating me from you. Samuel akinin levy original author and source of the article.

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