San Marzano

For example, the famous 'Margarita', named after the wife of King Umberto I, need a tomato sauce tomato variety San Marzano. And God forbid try to replace it with another: the taste of the finished pizza is not the same. However, pasta and pizza your gastronomic journey to Italy is not limited. It is impossible to visit this country and do not try it out numerous varieties of cheese: Parmesan, gorgontsolu, mozzarella, pecorino … all and do not list. Of course, not entirely Italian cheeses such as, for example, in France or Switzerland, and gourmets can easily differ not only by their taste, but also in appearance.

Some cheeses used for pizza, others become mandatory ingredient in sauces for pasta, and some use as a supplement to main dishes, and a fourth is served after dinner with wine. Soft cream cheese Mascarpone is a member of the famous dessert "Tiramisu". To get milk from which made mascarpone mixture of cows fed with the freshest herbs and flowers – a taste of the future care of cheese is a matter of respect. Italy's national cuisine is very diverse: each province has its own characteristics, not to mention the fact that the dishes of northern and southern parts of the country differ considerably from each other. In the south you can enjoy fish and seafood: lobster, lobsters, prawns and all sorts of shellfish. Do not miss the opportunity to try cuttlefish – it is prepared by experienced chefs, these masters of their craft.

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