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preserving the enormous distance, in every sense, between them and this topic. The claim is nothing more than denote the reader, how these avatars, which for this purpose is denominaran phenomena, have been the hereditary ties of renombrables legacies. Football could be said, that it intends to provide entertainment, fun, joy, rejoicing, in short, passion. Perhaps, and from the point of view of the remembrance, this was the intention of the dynasty have in China when they gave start the Tsu Chu activity (Tsu = kicking, and Chu = leather ball stuffed) in 200 C. The Greeks and Romans with the Episkuros and the Harpastum respectively, which alluded to wide variety of ball games, the which could play with both foot and hand. The Japanese had the Kemari in the 7th century. The Italians the Giuoco of calcium (the kick game) that was played by teams of 27 players every one to six arbitrators.

Around the 12th century are the English those who begin to devise a structured proposal for football. Then the average age brings with it the recreational soccer. Games alluding to carnivals in which rival groups vying for particular award in an area bounded by goalposts, which distanced one kilometre. Its main feature was the high degree of violence. Thus, in this age, such activity that began as a way of recreation, he was interfering in English public schools, which gave him a better organization, in terms of standards. Until in 1846 the first step is given to set up a regulation of football, being its major promoters H. de Winton and j. C.

Thring. Already in 1872 held the first international match (between England and Scotland), and in 1878 was held the first party with electric light. Having explored several of the initial stages of the football comes to the twentieth century, a century in which not only normatizo from a Federation, but then gave way to the first global of such activity.

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