Sechenov Years

Development of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, and especially scientific basis of spa treatment is closely linked with the name of a famous Russian scientist, doctor, a Democrat, the founder of scientific balneology Semen Alekseevich Smirnov. Outstanding Russian clinician F. B, Inozemtsev much energy and attention devoted to the education of young progressive-minded Russian doctors. One of the most talented of his students was a C A. Smirnov. Schley sixties nineteenth century. Feudal boyar Russ woke up from a centuries-old slumber. Abolition of serfdom, reformed, rapidly developing capitalism.

Stirred, it's in motion all the best in progressive people in the fight against routine and arbitrariness of the Tsarist regime. Playgirl blossomed Russian literature and music, created unforgettable masterpieces. On the high road came the natural sciences. Genius of eminent scientists-doctors fi Inozemtseva, Sechenov, Mechnikov, Botkin, ga Russian medicine came to the forefront of science. Stormy waves of these years has reached the far edge of the Caucasus.

For many years kmv were in a state of decay and desolation. The richest sources are not protected, the construction proceeded sluggishly, hospitals have declined: at resorts operated accidentally arrived seasonal doctors. The number of patients Visitors to the water, began to decline, many leaving treatment to foreign resorts. The tsarist government was little concern about the resort and as a way out, decided to reform. In 1861, abolished the State Directorate of Water and resorts leased to a well-known businessman na Novoselsky, organizer of Russian society of shipping and trade on the Volga and Caspian Sea.

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