Sicily Family

Give him a Christian burial next to the grave of my parents and my unforgettable sister Giovanna. How we got to this, what happened to my family, why at the end of the day, they, had ended in a place so distant that we witnessed the birth. This whole part of the story of my family life. I believe that to let me understand, I must return in time. First to my beloved and memorable Italy, then to the beloved people Comiso, which is located in the province of Rabusa in the warm and beautiful Sicily. That is exactly where we will start my story that is nothing more than a part of the history of my family. My grandmother and my grandparents Salvatore Greco Puglisi in the middle of the 19th century, trading with skins. This Office made them see as one of the different social classes that was in those years divided our population in which were: farmers, workers, merchants, politicians, professionals and favorite fashion credo and its people.

My grandparents were professional holders of a broad knowledge in terms of what they exercised them had in turn been handed down from parents and dealt with all of the Act in which that trade not being lost, led my father always the hand until eventually he emulated them. That time Italy was somewhat classic, natural; modernism had not done havoc on buildings or people. People of the village were all known and every time one was with someone who was older, in case of generating doubts, the classical question was: and your father or your grandfather what they do or did, that was sufficient to be able to know the origin of the young. One concerned parent with the same medium, the same ideology nor that people think of religion and a last case and not least of the same social class.

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