Silicon Research

One of these forms is to promote the incentive to the empreendedorismo, the creation of microns and small companies for exploration of its research, the protection and patenteamento of its inventos, amongst others. From there they appear spinoff? s as being the best chance to transform the object of research of the researcher into product. The creation, implantation and maintenance of these spinoff? s passes for diverse stages which are aliceradas by theories, statistical studies and you marry around of occured real situations of the world as, for example, in the Valley of Silicon in U.S.A., in the Wadi Silicone in Israel, amongst others. Successful cases as already cited and the diverse works produced and published for famous authors around of the world, support this activity and make of it one of most succeeded forms to transform research into products. With the creation of the ENBT? s, of the incubadoras of companies, the programs of incentive to the research as program PII and too much programs that come being implemented, the process of creation, development and maturation of one spinoff, has gotten enormous possibilities of survival, increasing to each day more the number of bred companies and in against departure, reducing the precocious mortality of technological the rising companies of base. Transforming knowledge into product.

Wakening for interest in research transforms student into potential searching, that it searchs to transform the acquired knowledge into its research, in new technologies that come to contribute stop with the development and the creation of new products, of form to take care of to the yearnings of the society. In this context, the university appears as fomentadora of this activity of research, supplying physical and technological resources, of form to provide to the student the possibility to develop its potential of researcher. According to Shane (2004), ' ' one of the functions of the university is exactly to give has supported its pupils, through research and of the expended education, of form that the same ones can apply its knowledge in the creation of new products and or servios' '.

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