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In the first place and perhaps the important point but, is the comparison of Costo Financiero Total (CFT) to be able to choose what is the best credit (not it comparison of Tasa Nominal Anual (TNA)). The CFT is the true financial load of a loan (the true interest to pay) and is the data on the basis of which the supplies of the different organizations must be compared. You can see the comparison by CFT in Personal, Hypothecating and Pignoratious Loans. 2) In order to continue, when one this looking for a credit, it has the possibility of choosing between an interest rate that maintains stable throughout loan (rate fixes), that varies periodically (variable rate, in this case, the client must know which will be the parameter to fit it) or, one appraises combined, where the first periods are to fixed rate and the rest to variable rate. this. In the case of looking for major security, the suitable option but is the one of Fixed Rate, with the aim of which all the quotas are going to have a pre-established amount, without surprises nor changes. On the other hand, generally, the loans to variable rate offer one better rate, consequently if the economy is considered stable, this could be without doubts the best option.

3) In the case of the majority of the financial organizations, these force to contract additional products along with the loan (current savings banks, accounts, credit cards, etc). At the time of deciding, its cost must be added to the one of the quota not to find surprises. 4) It controls the financial organization of which already she is client. Many financial organizations offer advantages for their clients with ” you count-sueldos”. These benefits must be contemplated in the comparison with other organizations. 5) Finally, but definitively not less important: It controls the small letter. All the conditions informed by the financial organization at the time of offering the loan must appear in the contract. It is important to review it very carefully and to ask absolutely all doubts before signing with the representative of the organization, with the purpose of to avoid to sign clauses on which the client does not have knowledge.

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