Slings Rope

During the lifting slings and not stretch or deform the load and, furthermore, do no harm to people working with them (you can do work, not putting spetsrukavitsy. Textile slings relatively more expensive than other types of slings. Apply this type of sling in the normal way of life, to move cargo up to 1 ton, made of brittle materials, in addition, they are used in machine building, aviation, and various kinds industry. Slings Rope is a rope twisted out of two or more ropes, which are held together by a ring of steel. The number of ropes slings and accessories for the entrainment of goods depend on raised by the properties of luggage. But most often this type of sling used to move heavy loads of large dimensions, for which there are openings for entrainment.

Rope lines are not broken at once, you can make them replacement at the initial stage of destruction. Due to this property this type of sling is suitable for raising the important baggage, where large numbers of people and various equipment. Although in general these lines are resistant even to sudden loads. In rope slings a lot of advantages, but there are drawbacks. Basic – their highest weight. In addition, these lines should not be used in aggressive environments and for lifting loads that require delicate handling. Continued straps are welded to the chain links of a chain made of ductile material.

Chain slings, welded steel are heavy, but if a substance is applied to the chain links of a high-tech alloy, the severity of their decline. This type of sling can bear weight of cargo even with sharp edges. It is very flexible, which is very convenient for loading and unloading luggage. By virtue of the fact that the links of the slings are made of durable material, the product itself has a long life and resistant to high temperature extremes and corrosion. There are several types of chain slings, they are classified by the number of tangled branches and are used for certain types of goods. Direct relationship: the overall and heavier the loads, the more branches in the chain (one, two, three -, chetyrehvetvevye lines). There are also chain slings vetvevye and generic lines. Slings chain of high-strength components for Class 8, are made of steel, the process of breaking the resistance of which is 80 kgf/mm2. These parts have high strength, light weight and durable they are. Lac, which covers the surface of parts of lines, protects them from the influence of humidity and various chemically aggressive environments. Properties capacity when using this type of lines at -40 – 200 C is not lost. At higher temperatures gruzropodemnost reduced by 10%.

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