It knows but on SMARTPHONES a Smartphone (intelligent telephone, in Spanish) is an electronics that works like a movable telephone with characteristics similar to those of a personal computer. According to it is counted, the first intelligent telephone created IBM in 1992 and Simn was called, nevertheless was sent in 1993 and was commercialized by BellSouth, for that year the Smartphone allowed to receive and to realise calls, had calendar, address book, world-wide hour, notebook of annotations, also it sent and it received FAX. During the following years they sent to manifolds smartphones, but they began to become popular since Microsoft announced its operating system for moving bodies in 2002 call Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002. These telephones allow the user to install new applications, thus increasing their functionalities. This is possible because they execute a basic powerful operating system. Also they include access to Internet, services of email, integrated camera, navigating Web, text processor, etc. One of its outstanding characteristics but is its excellent access and connectivity to Internet, its support of clients of electronic mail, the effective administration of our data, contacts, and optional installation of programs, among others.

These characteristics cause that the Smartphone is different from the rest of the cellular ones because they make of him an intelligent telephone. Some of the characteristics of the intelligent telephones of nowadays: – They support electronic mail – They count on GPS – They allow the installation of programs of third parties – Uses any interface for the data entry, like for example qwerty keyboard, touch screen etc – They allow to accesar to Internet – Own digital agenda, administration of contacts, etc. – They allow to read documents in different formats, among them the pdf and archives of Microsoft Office On the other hand, the Smartphone offers the possibility of reading of archives in diverse formats according to the applications previously installed, including the most known suites offices automation, as it is case of Microsoft Office.

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