Social And Educational Philosophy

But, to make this survey, the involved people would have to respect the social and educational philosophy to which the school was compromised and the psychology of the learning. In a more progressive line, but also traditional, it is presented theory of Dewey, in which it more appeared the concern with the democracy of what with the functioning of the economy. This theory gave, also, importance to the interests and the experiences of the children and young. Its point of view more was directed to the practical one of democratic principles, being the school a place for these experiences. In its theory, Dewey did not demonstrate as much concern with the preparation for the adult occupational life. The ultimate issue of the traditional theories can thus be summarized: contents, objectives and education of these contents of efficient form to have the efficiency in the results. 2,2 CRITICAL THEORIES In way to the many social and cultural movements that had characterized the years of 1960 in the whole world, had appeared the first teorizaes questioning the traditional thought and the educational structure, in specific, here, the conceptions on the resume. The critical theories had been worried in developing concepts that allowed to understand, on the basis of an analysis marxist, what the resume makes.

In the development of these concepts, a linking between education and ideology existed. Moreover, some thinkers had elaborated theories that had been identified as critical and, even so had a similar line of thought, presented its individualities. As He hisses (2003), Althusser, French philosopher, make reference to one brief reference the education in its studies, in which he pontuou that economic the capitalist society depends on the reproduction of its practical to keep its ideology. He supported that the school is a form used for the capitalism to keep its ideology, therefore reaches all the population for a drawn out period of time.

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