Steel Structures

For centuries, mankind had used the buildings more or less constant set of construction materials – wood, stone, brick. It is only somewhere in the 19th century, after the discovery of low-cost technologies in large metal quantities, a strong place in the industrial and residential building occupied metal structures. They are significantly superior to traditional building techniques and quality-price ratio, and the mobility and safety in operation. Architecture with the advent of metal was given a new impetus to the development – architectural modeling arsenal has grown strongly, providing a hitherto unseen architect of the possibilities. Chetyrehsotmetrovy skyscraper – it's metal construction. Bridge "Golden Gate" – is metal. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Shop for the assembly of spacecraft – is again metal structures. And the Eiffel Tower, and the television tower in Petersburg and the monument to Gagarin, and even a statue "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" is all metal used in construction. Usually, metal is divided into two classes – steel – mainly for large construction Industry, construction of bridges, etc. And the light metal from the lungs, usually aluminum alloy for less permanent structures. Also differ in the standard model construction and metal on order. Usually marked in the past and are made directly from the manufacturer and the place is just set and collected.

If you need a quick and relatively cheap to build a hangar, shop, warehouse, sports complex, greenhouse, garage or a shopping pavilion and a model project it, or for any reason will not do, in all cases, you will rescue manufacture of metal to order. Manufacture and sale of metal structures, regardless of trade wars and seasonal and other fluctuations in the market remains profitable and reliable form of business. While humanity will build, the metal will keep on his walls and ceilings of our homes, offices and shops. So, those who this metal do not be left without work.

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