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At the moment everyone is aware that the planet is in a very delicate situation, without a doubt the most delicate in its history. We do not see how has to cope with increasingly more risks, such as climate change or the hole in the ozone layer. On many occasions we don’t realize the influence that may have these problems, as they are a reality which we have to face every day. It is therefore essential to put us to work to ensure the well-being of all of us and our planet. Acciona not neglected the environment triggers is one of the leading companies in the market in regards to the care of our planet and the health of all its inhabitants. Environmental aid is essential if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Help wing land through construction of buildings that do not impact on the environment is indeed essential to achieve that, in a future, all can live better. Acciona is concerned about providing materials that is respectful with the environment, both in the construction of buildings and the use of renewable energy.

In this way, it is possible to maintain the standard of living we have and, at the same time, preserving our environment and respect it. Sustainable construction respects the Earth sustainable construction is one of the most important roads to get to maintain a pace of construction as require it today, and to the view, preserve and respect the environment-friendly, as well as the lives of all citizens. The sustainable building works towards a gradual reduction in the environmental impact. Thanks to sustainable buildings, we can get to keep pace that was born with the industrial revolution without further sacrificing our environment. We can not continue using resources energy not renewable, since the consequences are serious and are manifested in strong form in the environment.

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