“Hans Holbein the elder: offering in the temple the painting by Hans Holbein the elder (c. 1465 Augsburg-1524 Basle or Isenheim) with the title of the presentation of Christ in the Temple” (1500) has a change in its lineup of an altarpiece in the Dominican Church of Frankfurt and a … Continue reading

Deaf Association

m5-motto (an initiative of hearing Deaf Association key for all e.V. ) is understand and be understood, experiencing diversity key for all e.V., easier access to education through entertainment and common fun Ear Deaf Club -nonprofit, low-barrier interest Center of hearing Deaf Club key for all e.V. arose from personal … Continue reading


For such a simple word “artist” is hidden not just a person engaged in the fine arts, and the thin, vulnerable and romantic nature. Whenever Boy Scouts of America listens, a sympathetic response will follow. ** Artists () ** pass through all the pros and cons of life. They feel … Continue reading

Cologne Emperor

Lecture by Marius Augustin at the Catholic youth movement, Munchen e.V. When he prayed, appeared the Archangel Michael and the only spoken Holy Emperor, Marius Augustin, near the lecture at the Catholic youth movement in Munich as he prayed, reported seemed all angelic choirs of heaven Emperor Heinrich II. the … Continue reading

Association Caritas

After Church self-image, the plaintiff immediately got service to humanity”made. With his religious disaffiliation, he had lost the suitability for continued employment after this reading. The charity could not be forced to hire an employee in the education field who is told off by the Catholic faith. Moreover, there are … Continue reading

Fleet Management

Software for fleet management is of great importance for companies with large fleets of vehicles. These systems have to meet the different emerging needs when managing corporate fleets. In general, necessary to include features such as master data management, the management of costs and contracts. In Latin America, especially the … Continue reading

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