Language Learning With A TANDEM Scholarship

Language TANDEM -Gottingen offers scholarships to attend lessons in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Apply online: worth. Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important in Europe. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is a great source of information. This applies in particular to young people who want to work in the international arena and … Continue reading

Week Of Training And Integration Of Migrants

Migrants, integration, training, business associations, trade Chamber day, administration for the second time will take place end of May 2008 (May 24-31, 2008) the week of the training for people with a migration background. During this week, migrants can inform about opportunities, professional further training. Also migrant organisations are asked … Continue reading

Wiebke Wiedeck

“Action day June 27, 2009: personal trainer advises women in application situations freely according to the motto presence versus crisis” Wiebke Wiedeck, the well-known presentation and personal trainer, advises on June 27, 2009 women who want to reorient professionally or apply and safety in job interviews do. Coaching reflects conversation … Continue reading

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