The objectives for the control of the different components of the SM and to prevent the DCV, in children and adolescents with DM1 (SMELTZER; BARE, 1998). The chronic illness requires an entire life of behaviors special of autocuidado: diet, physical activity, medication and emotional control. These factors can affect the … Continue reading


One is about a descriptive study of systematic revision of literature on behaviors of nursing in victims of cardiorrespiratria stop in the daily pay-hospital context and for such, the research was carried through in periodic indexados in the data bases LILACS (Latin and Caribbean American Literature of Sciences of the … Continue reading


The SAE DIRECTED TO the PATIENTS HOSPITALIZED FOR PNEUMONIA the interest and the application of the process to take care of in the practical hospital clinic of the professional nurse has been very boarded in recent years. In this way, they have been used in the search of the development … Continue reading

Christian Period

I can divide the history of the nursing in four periods: daily pay-Christian, Christian, modern and contemporary, namely: PERIOD PR-CRISTO the art to take care of always was a necessity of the humanity. In the period daily pay-Christian it did not have politics, but it was in this same period … Continue reading

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