Ruben Martinez Huelmo

On the other hand, there are several works of research about the Guarani in the Universidad de la Republica and until today many cities in the Uruguay remain proud their Guaraniticos names. Lately, the representative Ruben Martinez Huelmo managed by absolute majority, that the Chamber of representatives of Uruguay adopted … Continue reading

Merck Serono

In 2007 convened and photographed more than 1,500 people in the Plaza de Oriente as image for the awareness campaign of the volunteer of the community of Madrid, or in 2008 at the plaza of the aqueduct of Segovia, conducted with more than 400 volunteers a tribute to water and … Continue reading

World Wide Web

With the Internet and use it almost every ordinary home, it became even more popular, the communication between a people living in various parts of our great planet. Dating Club now has virtually any internationalized websites. Given the fact that services like Internet services to a greater degree for free, … Continue reading

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