Family Project

In this perspective and the line of thought, already sketched above, the principle is defended, according to which: each person has of if making responsible for the elaboration, development and validation (or not) of its proper projecto of life. If the negative results it will not be maioritariamente imputable, then … Continue reading

Mechanical World

The foundation of new science, with emphasis in the rationality and the relation theory/experimentation, occured in century XVII and raised to the apex of its thought in century XVIII came for knocking down the power any speculation to explain the cosmos and its realities. Analogous, Newton conceives, for the matematizao … Continue reading

Implantation of Companies

The exchange generated certain controversy on the part of popular the saudosistas ones than if they identified with that way of transport. But this was not the biggest dissatisfaction of the population and yes the abusive increase of the bus tickets, that for signal had a very inefficacious service. The … Continue reading

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