Big Bang

This energy is the one that accelerates the expansion of the universe and makes that the neighboring galaxies flee, more and more fast, of ours around. As well as denominated ” matter oscura” it was the favorite resource of the scientists to explain why the universe could be closed, now … Continue reading

Prochaska Subject

The model assumes that the subjects cross 5 stages or stages in that they change his behavior of a form nonlinear, but spiral, because normally relapses take place locating to the subject in the phase of contemplation again, until if it is able to leave the addictive conduct completes all … Continue reading

Original Disorder

If a greater or adolescent boy persists with this behavior, they can have disorder of separation anxiety and the professional aid can be required. * Changes and fear to the stranger. Like the adults, the children fear the stranger and are often cautious in new situations. The first day of … Continue reading

William Holmes

The gold jewels and figures, the pieces of ceramics, metates and the worked stones of Chiriqu are so similar to those of Talamanca in their form and its adornments, that seem facts by a same town. The same does not happen if these objects with works of art of the … Continue reading

Albert Einstein

Nevertheless the man exists for around 4 million years and the planet earth has formed makes almost 5 million years, was necessary then, to find another explanation to the radiation of the sun. Diverse theories outposts to end of this I complete century and in 1905 it is Albert Einstein … Continue reading

Acts of Kindness

If we are going to do something to be well, for example, it must be something that to our pair it likes, not something that only interests to us. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. &quot comments Covey; what is important for … Continue reading

Charity Psychologist

One feels humiliated by these activities. The student asks the psychologist who nonreport to which she has gone to him by the possible retaliation. The psychologist consults with the tutor of the student and this one him it informs that it has not noticed anything special, unless the economic yield … Continue reading


The name is one of the important aspects but of its company since it is going to influence directly in the first impression that the public has of his business. Therefore to name to his company it is not worth any name. In the first place it must know that … Continue reading

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