Taylor Jane

In the host family Hustwayte, nobody could, however, German speak. We have not even found DVD’s in German language – at most on Dutch”, says Leila and shrugs his shoulders. Neither hostess Anita Hustwayte even her husband or daughter Taylor Jane or the dog silents could something on German saying. (As opposed to Nieman Foundation). So we were asked to entertain us in English especially at dinner with the family”says Leila, who was usually the spokesperson at the talks due to its age advantage. However, we were often quick with our English at the end”, she admits candidly. Then it was to improvise, but sometimes they found absolutely no word more for the simplest things. But these are precisely the experiences in the negative as in the positive sense, which include”Alexander says Maas of the Leipzig language travel organizer of Zebra-tours. And also Barbara Engler of the non-profit association action education information (ABI) headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany is convinced that the family contact nothing was to beat.

Only the common food in the evening at a table and the Talks about are priceless.” After dinner, Leila and Alina to your room – are to evaluate with enough chips and Coke, of course – to the day among themselves on German. But not once the peers guest daughter Taylor Jane on the keyboard played them and in which fully pink painted and with posters of twilight star Robert Pattinson zugekleisterten room the three spent too much time with a friend of Taylor Jane. Maybe the Beagle dog took advantage of one of these occasions to eat my chocolate in our room”, Leila recalls a painful loss. Better than their reputation proved the English kitchen by Leila and Alina guest MOM. The corpulent saleswoman convinced her two guest students in particular with an omelet with lots of cheese and fish balls. For breakfast there above all cereals and for the school we have with getting a lunch package.

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